Security Doors

Steel Security Doors

Secure Site’s high security solid steel doors provide a highly visible deterrent and the effective protection you want for vulnerable and vacant commercial or residential properties.

Insurance Standard Security Doors

These strong and impenetrable doors are fitted with two key-operated 5-lever insurance-approved deadlocks, so don’t rely on software, PIN numbers or batteries when authorised access is required. Designed, manufactured and built to the highest specifications, these robust security doors provide the best possible protection for your property.

Solid Steel – Not Combustible Wood

Galvanised or powder-coated to maintain their appearance, these fire-resistant doors and screens offer far superior protection of properties than traditional boarding in ply or timber. With insurance specialist, Aviva, stating that 750,000 empty properties being vandalises each year and 9,000 unoccupied buildings suffering fires, adding steel instead of combustible wood is always going to be the safest option.

Rapid Fitting – Anywhere in the UK

With a variety of sizes and designed to cover and protect existing doors and frames these high security measures, with internal concealed fixings, can be quickly installed by our rapid response teams – anywhere in the UK – so your property will be protected before thieves have time to act.

Security Doors & Window Combinations

Steel doors can be used on their own or in conjunction with steel window security when complete boarding up is the only option. With a range of innovative steel screen products, including steel shutters that protect window frames, even ‘Listed’ buildings can be properly and sympathetically secured, whilst our perforated screens allow air circulation and sufficient light for safe internal inspections, yet prevent prying eyes from the outside.

Vacant Property Checklist

  • Steel Security Screens
  • Insurance Inspections
  • Vacant Property Alarms
  • Communal Doors
  • Concrete Barriers
  • Temporary Fencing
  • Vacant Property Management