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Wireless CCTV

Your construction site can still be remotely monitored even when power and broadband are unavailable by installing our 100% wireless VideoGuard intruder detection system. It’s battery operated and self-sufficient for up to 2 years. When triggered by an intruder, its day/night cameras take 10 seconds of clear video footage which is immediately sent via the 3G/4G network to the 24/7 central monitoring station. This enables its officers to audio-challenge would-be thieves, vandals or youths looking for adventure; and warn them that security and the police are en route.

Video footage can also be sent to your email address for viewing.

Up to 32 wireless cameras can be incorporated into each system, enabling it to ‘watch’ all potential site access points, plant, site offices and compounds when the site is closed.

Full Remote CCTV

If power and broadband are available, our VideoGuard Plus system provides unrivalled image capture from up to 32 HD IP day/night cameras with infra-red illumination located around your construction site, all stored on our high capacity Network Video Recorder (NVR).

Off-site monitoring is easy as the NVR records every event on site for up to 30 days and, when connected to broadband, will transmit alarm events to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

Thermal camera options provide the ability to instantly detect potential human intruders by their body heat, even in fog or other poor-visibility weather conditions. Automated analysis of video footage scrutinises images and movement to distinguish between humans and animals, eliminating false alarms and allowing ARC security personnel to identify and pre-empt potential security breaches.

Optionally integrated PA systems enable audio-challenge and verbal warnings to be issued prior to any damage being caused; and before escalation to keyholders and local police to attend the site.

In addition, our viewing software enables you to remotely view live images from your PC, laptop or smartphone (subject to network connection).

Rental or Purchase

VideoGuard can be rented on a weekly basis or, for longer-term sites, we offer the flexibility to purchase the system – even moving it from a completed build to a new site, commissioning it in a matter of hours.

SSAIB Accredited CCTV Systems

With the added benefit of our own SSAIB accredited CCTV sister-company (Secure Site Fire & Security), we can also look after the monitoring and maintenance of existing CCTV systems.

In addition, we can advise on the very latest technology to provide you with the sharpest images, convenient remote access and integration with your access control or turnstiles.

Site-Specific CCTV Design

Since the location of hoarding, plant, compounds, offices and gates differ on every site, we believe you can only really recommend a CCTV system from a review of the site plans, and preferably a site visit.

With more than 30 years experience designing and installing CCTV systems, Secure Site has probably encountered all the challenges sites can pose.

Meeting these from our wide range of camera types and specifications means the CCTV system we design is the most efficient for your site, does what you need it to do and will also fit your budget.

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