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With 30 years’ experience protecting commercial, industrial and retail properties, delivered through electronic, uniformed and physical security teams nationwide, you’ll benefit from a responsive, reliable and consistent service every time.

Vacant Sites at Greater Risk

Vacant buildings and open sites suffer from threats including squatting, cable-theft and fly-tipping.

Correctly installed external CCTV systems pick-up suspicious activity and provide an immediate early warning that your site is being observed by unauthorised persons, potentially future trespassers.

Quick CCTV Installations

Our experienced engineers can install a system in a matter of hours. Discretion is the key to a successful installation and systems can be installed out of hours by our engineers in unmarked vehicles.

The systems are instantly usable – and utilise the latest digital video recording methods – images can be viewed securely on your desktop PC, laptop or smartphone (subject to broadband connection).

Need Remote Access?

When power is available and remote access required, VideoGuard Plus, a traditional detector activated CCTV system, provides unrivalled image capture day and night from up to 32 cameras. Suited to semi-permanent sites and utilising the latest HD IP cameras linked to a high capacity NVR (Network Video Recorder), this enables recording of every event for up to 30 days.

SSAIB Accredited CCTV Systems

With the added benefit of our own SSAIB accredited CCTV sister-company (Secure Site Fire & Security), we can also look after the monitoring and maintenance of existing CCTV or advise on the very latest technology to provide you with the sharpest images, convenient remote access and even integration with your fire alarm or access control systems.

Our experienced engineers provide owners of commercial, industrial and residential property with tailor-made options to fit their requirements and budget. Any recorded images are in accordance with GDPR requirements.

View Live CCTV Images Via Smartphone, Tablet or PC

When connected to broadband, VideoGuard Plus will also transmit alarm events to our ARC for immediate intervention and escalation. In addition, with the viewing software, you can remote view live images via PC, laptop or smartphone (subject to network connection).

• Remote monitoring and response 24/7.
• Self-powered or wired systems available.
• From just 50p per hour.

Short Or Long-Term CCTV Rental

We offer rental periods to suit your requirements and, as all services are looked after under one roof, your investment is likely to be less than you expect.

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