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Fingerprint & CSCS Verified

Access control systems restrict entry to and movement around busy construction sites, cost-effectively and reliably, with access only granted once fingerprint ID and CSCS accreditations have been checked and verified.

In addition, automated time and attendance (T&A) records provide proof of employees’ hours of working as evidence in disputes as well as essential roll-calls for emergency evacuation and muster reporting in the event of a fire alarm.

Our systems incorporate finger biometrics as standard, with rapid fingerprint matching of users in less than 1 second, meaning speed and reliability are maintained, even in busy periods. Biometric access control systems also remove the risk of proximity cards or fobs being passed to third parties; the inconvenience when lost and the frustration when left at home.

Numerous Turnstile Options

The range includes turnstiles integrated into existing hoarding (‘fence-line systems’) or into existing site offices, to ‘turnkey’ turnstile cabins that are dropped to site and simply plugged in, ready to operate.

In addition, we can incorporate single, double or bi-directional half or full-height turnstiles into fence-lines or plug’n’play cabins.

We provide everything you need to get started, including:

(1) a separate reader that enables you to log new users without slowing down the access of already verified contractors to site,
(2) gel stations for cleanliness and to ensure fingerprint readers capture vital data, and
(3) an on-site PC as the system’s control unit.

Options also include an intercom system to the main site office for granting access to visitors.

Rent or Purchase, Nationwide

Secure Site’s galvanised steel access cabins incorporate one or two full-height turnstiles, anti-slip flooring, internal lighting and fully lockable solid steel doors for out-of-hours security.

Options include customisation internally and externally, being finished in your corporate colours to provide a professional image to all visitors and contractors. Bespoke cabins can also be made-to-order by our fabrication team to meet specific requirements.

Access cabins are delivered to construction sites nationwide as a complete unit and are ready to accept power and data connections by our experienced engineers, meaning they can be set up and running within a matter of hours.

Being available to rent or purchase adds even greater flexibility – all without hidden costs.


CCTV Visual Verification

If required, CCTV can be incorporated to provide visual identification of users, with remote access for monitoring by site management.

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