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construction site security

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construction site security

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Deter Trespassers & Thieves

construction site security

Deter trespassers with security solutions like CCTV.

As a Construction Professional, theft, vandalism, safety, liability, efficiency and productivity are just some of the key threats that are detrimental (and costly!) to your project’s progress.

Do you want peace of mind that your site is safe for workers and secure overnight?

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Protect Your Construction Site

Save Time, Money & Stress.

You don’t need us to tell you that unoccupied construction sites are vulnerable to theft, damage and accidents.

If you’ve been victim to any of the above, you’ll be all-too-aware of the pain and misery it can cause for not only you, but your clients, colleagues and local residents.

To mitigate these risks, SecureSite provides a number of construction site security services for your diverse needs.

Construction site biometric access control turnstile and hoarding

Construction Site Access Control Security


The most important cost-pressures faced by construction businesses are time, money, reputations and lives.

To overcome this, we create efficiencies throughout access control processes via robust turnstile pods powered by the latest face recognition and thermal technology.

Save Costs & Create Efficiencies


Focussing on worker induction, time & attendance fire & emergency and vehicle control, We identify the project and site-specific cost and efficiency issues and specify the most effective solutions.

construction turnstiles
Thief with crowbar

Construction Site Intruder Detection CCTV


Effective intruder detection eliminates losses and disruption to construction projects. Each site presents different and ever-changing security issues, so it’s important that security provision is specified to address and respond to this reality.

Construction Site Security Guards

Dedicated security patrols to to secure premises from unauthorised access.

Construction sites are regarded as an easy target for opportunistic thieves, with many contractors and vehicles entering each day as well as being completely vacated at night.

Many construction sites suffer theft, yet security is often considered a ‘luxury’ (or an unnecessary evil!).

However, well-managed uniformed construction site security is effectively cost-neutral, with savings made in the prevention of lost plant, materials and frustrating downtime.

It may also be an insurance requirement.

construction site guards

Our Three-Step Approach:

1. Site Security Assessment

Each site assessed by qualified security professionals to identify the nature and details of the security issues and how they should be managed for throughout the project duration. This assessment forms the basis of the unique security plan for the site.

2. Security Plan

A unique security plan for the changing security risk levels throughout all project stages is defined.

This is based upon the site security assessment and in-depth consultation with you.

3. Security Risk Management

• Installation, implementation, measurement, live reassessment throughout the course of the project.

• Regular reporting on the security status of the site.

• Rapid response to any intruder threat or security issue arising.

• On-going maintenance of the security system installed.

• Updates and changes to the security provision are proactively recommended to best match the needs of the site and the business.

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Fully Accredited & Insured

We are SSAIB and insurance approved CCTV installers, ensuring your systems are installed – and certificated – to the highest specification and in accordance with the British Standard BS 50132 or BS 8418, the code of practice for a Police response.

Our security guards are SIA licensed, DBS checked and industry vetted to BS 7858.

Our operations comply with BS 7499 regarding security guards and mobile patrols and BS 7984 regarding key-holding.

We’re also active members of the BSIA (British Security Industry Association) and NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users).

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