Proximity Access Control

Easily control access to your property with our centralised administration and control software.

Manage access for up to 50,000 users, through 1,000 doors on single or multiple remote sites.

Effectively manage access to sensitive and high value areas. Our intuitive commercial access control systems’ software makes it easy to control the privileges and access of individual users, groups, visitors and contractors – by time and individual doors.

Issue staff with proximity access cards that can be personalised and printed to double up as ID cards, or use a variety of fobs that can be worn or carried on keyrings for ease of use.

Biometric Recognition Enhances Security

Biometric access control requires exact matching of user’s fingerprint, iris, palm or facial data to grant access.

With no cards to be lost, stolen or misused, biometric systems save time, frustration and eliminate the opportunity for unauthorised access. Users can register their fingerprint on the system’s database as a unique algorithm, along with any time and access permission conditions. Access is only granted once a user presents their index finger to the reader and it’s correctly matched.

Biometric readers are suitable for installation internally or externally. They’re weather-proofed and vandal-proofed with an IP65 rating – they will work regardless of the weather or the environment.

Event Reporting Made Easy

Event reporting is at the heart of our systems, giving you real-time reporting of actions and events at your sites.

Reports can be personalised and, with a few simple clicks, you have a host of different reports on your desktop – ‘who, where and when’.

If you want a bit more control of your security services, set the system to email you reports and notifications – such as when a door is left open or when it’s forced, or when an individual enters through a specific area.

Fire control muster fulfils your statutory obligation by enabling you to run a muster list in a fire condition that will aid you in knowing who is on site when the fire condition occurred.

Time and Attendance

Upgrade your commercial access control system’s software to simplify your payroll information gathering.

Easily find out when your staff arrived and left, calculate their hours worked, and deduct hours spent in the smoking or rest areas.

This powerful addition to the software works by capturing the entry and exit data when staff members enter and exit the building.

Take this a step further by departmentalising the site to identify how long was spent in these areas – enabling you to increase productivity.

Integrate and Comply

Integration with your fire alarm system will automatically release all doors in a fire condition – enabling you to manage your health and safety requirements.

If you have a compatible CCTV system, it’s possible to link your Network Video Recorder (NVR) with the access control software. When you search events, the commercial access control system interrogates the NVR hard drive and locates the related images of the camera associated with the door – verifying the user at the time of the event.


For your peace of mind, we are SSAIB and insurance approved Access Control Installers, ensuring that our systems are installed to the highest specification and in accordance with the British Standard PD 662/BS 8243.

We are also Paxton Access and ACT Partners.


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