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Nationwide Problem

There are few major cities in the UK which are not currently blighted by squatters, probably due to the apparent social acceptability, in some circles, of occupying another person’s vacant premises (particularly if they are ‘better-off’ and especially if they are famous).

Numbers are also increased by the influx of immigrants and the plethora of websites offering information on “vacant” sites to would-be squatters and how to go about gaining entry and claiming ‘squatters’ rights’, by posting a Section 6 Notice or a Section 144 Notice in the window or on the front door.

Crimes Squatters Commit

Often, the Police will try to shift the responsibility of removing squatters claiming that it is a ‘civil matter’, with no proof of a crime having been committed. In fact, squatters will often have committed a number of offences, including breaking and entering and criminal damage, both of which are arrestable.

Fast & Accurate Enforcement Team

When you discover squatters in your premises, you must act quickly to limit the damage and costs. With the rules and timings being so strict for completing, submitting and serving papers and notices, it’s no surprise that the majority of ‘do-it-yourself’ applications fail on technicalities. However, with years of experience, up-to-date legal knowledge and meticulous attention to detail, our Enforcement Team boasts a 100% success record in regaining possession of a building within 2 weeks – saving 8 weeks on the usual protracted process; as well as 8 weeks’ more damage and theft.

Effective Clean-up Operation

Once rightfully restored to you, we can advise on, and carry out, the clean-up operation at your property, which may include the removal of human waste or sharps and needles.

Stop Squatters Reoccupying Your Property

We also advise on, and provide, a range security measures that you can put in place to prevent the further illegal occupation of your property.

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