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Needle and sharps disposal.

Vacant sites and properties are also at risk of being frequented by illegal drug users who will leave needles, syringes and all kinds of other bio hazardous waste materials in their wake. Discarded needles and syringes are a danger to everyone and present a very real health hazard. Blood borne pathogens, such as HIV and Hepatitis, are highly infectious and contact with them can have very serious, sometimes life threatening, consequences. We can carry out sweeps of known and potentially suspect properties, safely removing needles and sharps with legal and responsible disposal.

Disposal & Disinfection

Our teams can also disinfect affected areas after the safe removal of drug use equipment, leaving it clear of contamination and risks.

We operate nationally and look after properties of all sizes from vacant flats, houses and offices, to warehouses, industrial estates and land, ensuring they are left safe, clear and clean.

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