International Security Officers' Day

Saying ‘Thank you’ on International Security Officers’ Day

As long-term security guard providers, we’re delighted to see the BSIA (British Security Industry Association), the UK Security Commonwealth and the Security Institute team-up with their counterparts in the USA and Australia to highlight International Security Officers’ Day. A ‘red letter day’ for the security industry Today, these organisations and more are calling-upon security companies,…

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Preparing a Property to Become Vacant

There are various different measures to be taken when preparing a property to become empty or vacant, beyond the realms of typical vacant property security options, all of which go some way in helping to secure it from damage when unoccupied. It can be a worrisome and stressful time for anyone planning to leave their…

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Construction worker in hardhat overseeing site staff and cement truck

Why Protecting Construction Sites is Important

Construction sites can be dangerous and vulnerable places, especially as they are generally located in a public place or other busy area. They have the potential to not only be damaged and vandalised, but they also pose the risk of harming others who enter them. Therefore, sufficient measures of protection are vital for all construction sites,…

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Digital combination safe

Types of Safes for Your Property

It is natural to want to make sure that your home is secure as possible from thieves potentially running off with your most treasured possessions. It has been reported that domestic burglaries have risen by 30% according to new crime figures released by the Office for National Statistics. What’s more, it has been reported that…

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Vacant building protected by wooden hoarding

Obligations of Property Owners for Vacant Land

Although an empty and vacant property or plot of land may seem an easy task for landowners to manage, there is a long list of considerations, obligations and requirements in order to ensure the land’s proper and full safety and upkeep. UK Government statistics have shown an increase of 2.7% for vacant dwellings in recent years,…

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