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Wooden Perimeter Hoarding

For larger, longer term sites install wooden hoarding, which can be erected around your site perimeter with either post mounted and concrete set, or counter balanced and weighted with concrete blocks. Supplied to any height (generally installed to 2.4m) and painted in any colour specified, including vehicular and pedestrian gates.

Metal Perimeter Hoarding

Erect an instant perimeter around your site utilising temporary metal panel hoarding, delivered and installed nationwide.

Metal hoarding is a credible alternative to traditional wooden hoarding that is more environmentally friendly and can be installed in a fraction of the time. With a range of complementary components, including vehicular and pedestrian gates, metal hoarding is a truly effective fencing system that can be installed extremely quickly.

Effective, Compliant Barrier

The metal panel hoarding system is highly portable and flexible, offering all the benefits of temporary mesh fencing and combining the strength and security of tradition hoarding installations.

Metal hoarding provides a higher degree of privacy and screening and, when enhanced with privacy infills and ground skirts, the system provides a uniformly aesthetic appeal, enhancing the appearance of the development.

In addition, it complies with the latest HSE guideline publication, on how to protect the public from the dangers of construction sites, as detailed in the HSG 151 publication “Protection the Public – Your next move”.

Installation Service

Having the system professionally installed ensures compliance with the UK Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007 (CDM). For a more temporary solution you may choose to install the system on free standing permanently coloured “hi-visibility feet”, to prevent a trip hazard or for a longer term solution, or when a more robust fencing system is required.

We can mount the system on a semi-permanent post system that is directly fixed into the ground or, when it is not possible to use a direct ground anchor, the system can be installed with a diagonal stabiliser arm that incorporates a back tray weighted with ballast for enhanced stability.

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