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Vacant Property Trespasser Prevention

7 Top Tips For Prevention

Whilst ‘squatting’ still bizarrely remains ‘legal’ in non-residential premises, landlords with empty units generating no income, but still draining money, may be reluctant to add to their misery by spending to update its security. However, ‘a stitch in time’ is no more appropriate than when trying to protect vulnerable buildings from squatters, metal thieves and vandals, all of whom will cost far more to evict, replace and repair than these 7 very prudent preventative measures:

1. Ensure the entry door is protected with a solid steel security door and check fire exits are secure. Remember, many only have one catch and no locks.

2. Protect windows with steel and anti-tamper fixings – not plywood and Philips screws. Steel rarely adds to the kerb-appeal, but then neither does a squatter waving from a window.



3. Don’t forget securing sky-lights, since most of us learned how to climb trees as children. We also learned how to fall, but sky-lights are a long way up and the surface below is likely to be concrete. Your insurer will be happier.

4. Fit roller-shutter locks, since they’re easier than you think to open from the outside!

5. Rent a wireless intruder alarm system while it remains empty, so that any unauthorised activity can be responded to in minutes.

6. Decommission utilities – living without water and electricity will be unappealing.

7. Carry out regular inspections to check it’s all in order – and log them all. Your insurer will insist on these and a complete record of attendance will prove you’ve been complying and no chance of a claim being refused.

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