Vacant Property Wireless CCTV

  • No power? No telephone line? No problem!
  • Own battery power and GSM communication with remote monitoring centre
  • Connect up to 24 cameras, door contacts or sirens on one system
  • Videos ‘crime in progress’ for priority response and no false alarms
  • 100% wireless for quick, same-day or next-day installation, UK-wide

What is VideoGuard?

VideoGuard is a robust, reliable and 100% wireless temporary alarm system for vacant properties and remote sites. Self-powered by batteries that last up to 4 years and with its own GSM communication, makes it perfect for sites that are notoriously difficult to secure due to a lack of mains power or telephone lines. Yet, VideoGuard provides 24-hour monitoring and immediate escalation of triggers for a rapid response and site visit. 

How does it work?

The VideoGuard system uses motion detectors integrated with high-performance cameras and built-in infra-red illumination for clear images at night or low light conditions for upto 12 metres. Movement triggers the cameras into immediately capturing the next 10 seconds as a video clip. This is encrypted and sent over the GSM network to our central monitoring station manned by security professionals, day and night, 365 days a year – who then despatch a patrol to the site or call the Police if the trigger is visually verified and confirmed as human. Monitoring station officers also filter-out false alarms, such as wildlife or foliage, that would otherwise cost clients for unnecessary call-outs that basic systems can’t distinguish.

What can it protect?

Essentially, it can protect anything, anywhere. With robust components designed to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, VideoGuard’s flexibility and portability means it can protect any building, site or installation – whatever it is and wherever it is, including:

  • Vacant Buildings / Disused Warehouses
  • Agricultural Buildings / Barns
  • Storage & Shipping Containers
  • Rooftop Air Con Units / Telecom Installations
  • Oil Containers / Sub-Stations / Railways
  • Construction Site Offices / Marketing Suites
  • Temporary Buildings / Portable Cabins

What else can it do?

The VideoGuard control panel has capacity for upto 24 devices, which could be internal or external cameras, smoke/flood detectors, door contacts or sirens and strobes with audio-challenge facility to warn intruders they have been captured on camera making it extremely versatile to suit each property requirement. It’s like having sentry guards exactly where you want them: continuously monitoring activity in high-risk areas – day or night, rain or hail. And, since it helps you meet vacant property security requirements, it will also keep your insurance company very happy! Plus, you can receive alerts via email to your nominated PC, tablet or smart phone, including a 10 second video of the captured event, so you can also keep an eye on triggers and what’s going on.

How quick can I have one installed?

Our large team of alarm engineers enables us to provide nationwide coverage at very short notice, meaning you could have a system installed next-day if needed, with the right combination of cameras, contacts, sirens or audio-challenge to provide 24/7 surveillance at a fraction of the cost of high-end systems. VideoGuard is available to rent for short or long-term requirements to provide peace-of-mind that your vulnerable site is being professionally ‘watched’ and intruders can be immediately challenged by officers.

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Fully Accredited & Insured

We are SSAIB and insurance approved CCTV installers, ensuring your systems are installed – and certificated – to the highest specification and in accordance with the British Standard BS 50132 or BS 8418, the code of practice for a Police response.

Our security guards are SIA licensed, DBS checked and industry vetted to BS 7858.

Our operations comply with BS 7499 regarding security guards and mobile patrols and BS 7984 regarding key-holding.

We’re also active members of the BSIA (British Security Industry Association) and NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users).


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