Video Alarm Security

What Is VideoGuard?

VideoGuard is the most advanced temporary alarm system available for vacant properties or vulnerable sites that are notoriously difficult to secure due to a lack of mains power or telephone lines. It’s portable, durable and can be installed in under 20 minutes internally or externally, to provide 24-hour coverage of buildings and installations – giving you 100% peace of mind.

The VideoGuard System uses motion detectors integrated with high-performance cameras and built-in infra-red illumination for clear images at night or low light conditions. Movement triggers the cameras into immediately capturing the next 10 seconds as a video clip. This is encrypted and sent over the GSM network to our central monitoring station manned by security professionals day and night, 365 days a year – who then despatch a patrol to the site or call the Police.

It’s Better than CCTV

Property owners using traditional CCTV systems and DVRs (if the property has power) simply review what happened after an incident occurs and hope to identify the intruder long after they’ve left the building or site. More often than not, identification is impossible because of poor lighting or intruders wearing masks or hoods. In contrast, within seconds, VideoGuard has sent video footage of the “crime in progress”  which an operator reviews before dispatching Police to a verified break-in or theft, with the likelihood of catching intruders on-site or thieves red-handed.

With 24 Guards – That Never Sleep on the Job

If round-the-clock manned guarding is not within the budget – why not consider VideoGuard – with up to 24 cameras on a single system acting as “remote sentries” positioned exactly where you need them, to continuously monitor high-risk areas – day or night, rain or hail? And since VideoGuard operates for upto 2 years on one set of batteries – it doesn’t need holidays, go sick or sleep on the job!

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