Waste Clearance

Needle Sweeping

needle sweeping services

Secure Site UK’s professional clearance teams are licensed by the Environment Agency to clear, safely transfer and properly dispose of unwanted or hazardous items.

Our teams can also disinfect affected areas after the safe removal of drug use paraphernalia, leaving it clear of contamination and risks.

Hazardous Waste


When a property is vacated by a tenant, or where a property has been vacant for many months, it is common for a buildup of waste to occur and, in some cases, this can include hazardous materials.

Secure Site UK are licensed by the Environment Agency to clear and transfer waste properly.

General Waste


Vacant sites and land accumulate waste at alarming speeds. This often includes hazardous waste materials necessitating the correct waste clearance procedures & equipment for effective removal.

Secure Site ensure hazardous waste disposal is carried out in an approved and certified manner.

Combustible Waste

Combustible Waste

When it comes to hazardous waste, its best to leave it to the experts.

As Environment Agency licensed waste carriers with a fleet of clearance vehicles nationwide, our combustible waste removal service is an affordable alternative to skip hire. We’re experienced at clearing, and disposing of, hazardous waste materials from vacant properties.


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