boarding up doors and windows in steel

Steel Security Windows & Doors (Boarding Up)

Steel physical security doors can be used on their own or in conjunction with steel window security when complete boarding up is the only option.

As one of the leading security companies in the UK, Secure Site (UK) can offer a range of innovative steel screen products, including steel shutters that protect window frames, which mean even ‘Listed’ buildings can be properly and sympathetically secured. Our perforated screens allow air circulation and sufficient light for safe internal inspections, yet prevent prying eyes from the outside.

Concrete barrier block and gate

Concrete Barriers

Our concrete barriers are a very simple and effective physical security method of preventing vehicles from encroaching on pedestrian areas, including markets and shopping centres.

With depots nationally and lorries covering the whole UK, we can usually deliver and place barriers across vulnerable openings or perimeters within 24 hours to provide almost instant site protection.

Palisade fencing protecting industrial units

Palisade Fencing

The most popular and effective physical security fencing system is palisade, which comes as standard galvanised or can be supplied in a range of colours as required.

The palisade fencing system comes in a range of sizes in excess of 3.6m, can be finished with tripoint or rounded pails and can incorporate pedestrian and vehicular gates.

Heras fencing to protect vacant properties

Heras Fencing

When you have a short-term contract or an immediate barrier protection requirement, Heras fencing anti-climb panels are the obvious choice; not just as a construction site barrier, but also to protect individual trees or structures.

When speed of installation is of the utmost importance, the anti-climb panel is the first choice of physical security product.

A locksmith working on a lock

Lock Replacement

If the keys to your property have ever been out of your control, lost, stolen, lent or you simply did not change the locks when you took ownership, then the chances are that there are keys in circulation that could open your property.

Changing the locks to your property should always be carried out when any of the above events occur to ensure your safety and give you peace of mind.


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