Concrete Barriers Delivered & Placed Nationwide

3 metre wide, 2.5 tonne concrete blocks stop trespassers, vandals, fly-tippers and travellers in their tracks.

Our barriers also simply and effectively prevent vehicles from encroaching on pedestrian areas, such as markets and shopping centres.

With depot locations, and lorries constantly operating, UK-wide, we deliver and place concrete barriers across vulnerable openings or perimeters within 24 hours of an instruction to provide almost instant site protection.

Flexible Short or Long-Term Hire or Outright Purchase

Our concrete barriers are available for short or long-term hire, even if you only need one, and outright purchase.

Concrete barriers can also be used as counterweights for hoarding, shuttering, scaffolding or large marquees.

Security fencing can easily be incorporated to provide a very cost-effective blockade to even the most determined trespassers.

Customise with Branding or Instructions

Concrete barriers can be customised to match corporate branding or incorporate safety markings or instructions for a sympathetic, yet practical barrier system.

Interlocking Concrete Barrier System

Our concrete barriers are 3 metres wide, meaning few are usually needed to block site or vehicle entrances.

They can also be interlocked to quickly create an impenetrable concrete wall for perimeters or boundaries.

Weighing 2.5 tonnes each means our concrete barriers are almost impossible for would-be trespassers to move without specialised equipment.

Concrete blocks and gate
Concrete barrier gate system enabling vehicular access when appropriate.

Carriageway Protection

When locked together using M24 diameter high-tensile bolts, a highly robust temporary physical security solution for site traffic management or carriageway protection is created.

Our Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers (TVCBs) meet BSEN1317 and thereby withstand impacts of up to 50 mph, with the incorporation of a pre-cast directional arrow aiding directional traffic flow or the option to alternately paint barriers red and white to meet all safety standards.


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