Comprehensive & Reliable Security Services

As no two sites will have identical security issues, our philosophy has been to develop a comprehensive and joined-up range of security services that provide our clients with a choice of reliable, effective and appropriate ways to meet individual site requirements, risks and budgets.

You want your security provider to give you something that fits perfectly, not just what they have on the shelf.

Experienced Security Teams Nationwide

With the ability to deploy SIA-licensed security officers or NASDU-accredited security dog handlers to any vulnerable site in the UK within 3 hours; or engineers to install physical or electronic security to vacant properties the same day, Secure Site can meet the demands of clients with widespread portfolios and short deadlines.

Don’t Worry, We’re Accredited & Insured

You also want the reassurance that the company you’ve instructed to reduce the risks at your sites is not a risk themselves. That’s why we offer fully accredited security services, having achieved all the industry’s recognised standards year-on-year, giving you peace of mind that the work we carry out for you is also to the standard you expect.

We’re also comprehensively insured, so that despite meticulous plans an unforeseen event does arise, any loss will be swiftly and uncompromisingly rectified, giving you further confidence in our professionalism.

Free Advice – We’re Here To Help

As UK property security specialists we also offer free advice on every aspect of occupied and vacant property protection, a ‘second opinion’ or even an alternative quote to see how we compare to your current supplier.

Nationwide Security Industry Experts

With 30 years’ experience protecting commercial, industrial and retail properties, delivered through electronic, uniformed and physical security teams nationwide, you’ll benefit from a responsive, reliable and consistent service every time.

Management of vacant property services to BS8584, manned guarding services to BS7499, and BS7858 security screening of individuals and key-holding and response services to BS7984-1