Steel 'Boarding-Up' Service

Commonly known as ‘boarding-up’, we fit vulnerable windows with solid steel security screens to provide maximum protection.

As well as being solid and impenetrable, steel gives the strong message that the building’s security has not been compromised.

Next Day Fitting

Our national teams of experienced security installers can arrive on-site at very short notice.

We will make sure your vacant or unoccupied building quickly becomes impenetrable to illegal intruders.

Steel Security – Not Wood

Steel security doors and steel security window screens provide far greater security than traditional boarding-up with wood, OSB or ply.

Our steel window security screens have been developed to provide effective building security as cost effectively as possible.

Galvanised steel screens do not degrade or discolour in adverse weather conditions. They maintain their defences and appearance – confirming the property is being actively secured and managed.

Steel Window Screens With Anti-Tamper Fixings

For added protection, we use unique anti-tamper fixings on all security doors and windows – meaning that once they’re on, they stay on.

We do not use common screws that anyone with a screwdriver can remove.

Perforated Steel Screens for Ventilation & Viewings

We also fit perforated, galvanised steel window security screens which maintain ventilation throughout the property and allow plenty of light in to aid inspections and safe viewings.

Our range of innovative steel screen products also includes steel shutters that protect window frames, so even ‘listed’ buildings can be properly and sympathetically secured.


“5 star steel security service, much appreciated!”

John Williams, Operations Manager, Bagnalls Building Maintenance

Bagnalls Building Maintenance

Insurance Standard Security Doors

Designed, manufactured and built to the highest specifications, our robust steel security doors provide the best possible protection for your property.

We fit strong and impenetrable steel security doors with two key-operated 5-lever insurance-approved deadlocks.

Our door locks don’t rely on software, PIN numbers or batteries when authorised access is required.

Rapid Fitting UK-Wide

Our high-security doors are available in a variety of sizes, all designed to cover and protect existing doors and frames. Their robust fixings are concealed internally.

Quickly installed by our rapid response teams – anywhere in the UK – your property will be protected before thieves have time to act.

'Boarded-up' property with steel security window screens and security door

Steel Security Door & Window Combinations

Steel security doors can be used on their own or in conjunction with steel security windows when complete boarding-up is required.


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