Fire Risks in Unoccupied Buildings

Each year there are around 9,000 fires in unoccupied buildings.

Arson is responsible for more than half of the known causes of fire damage in commercial and industrial property. Where these are located in secluded areas such as out-of-town industrial or retail parks, the risk of attack is particularly high.

Minimising The Risks of Combustible Waste

It is therefore very important to take every possible step to minimise fire risks – including waste disposal.

Combustible waste clearance from within and around vacant buildings is the first and most obvious step, taking away anything that can burn from the site. With little available to fuel a fire, any arson attack will cause far less damage until the Fire Brigade arrives to put it out.

Remove Combustible Waste

As Environment Agency licensed waste carriers with a fleet of clearance vehicles nationwide, we offer a practical and affordable alternative to skip hire or other routes to remove all combustible items from your unoccupied property; as well as providing you with a full audit trail for the correct waste disposal, which you are liable to ensure.

Vacant Property Protection

Making sure the building is properly and professionally secured will stop arsonists, vandals and thieves getting in. Our vacant property inspections will help provide a suitable security solution for any vulnerable site.

Boarding up windows and doors in wood seems ironic, since you’re adding combustible material to a building you want to reduce the fire risk at!

We only recommend and fit solid steel security, which doesn’t burn and never warps.

Alternatively, for particularly vulnerable sites, you may want to consider a temporary intruder alarm system or licensed security guards.


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