When there’s a need to restructure your pub or restaurant chain, we’re on hand to secure every vacant property security space to your brand standards.

We agree on the brand standards with you, then consistently implement and provide photographic evidence of each secured space.

Steel Door and Window Security Fitted to a Vacant Pub in Watford

Steel Security Windows & Doors (Boarding Up)

Need to urgently and temporarily ‘board up’ your pubs or restaurants?

Solid steel provides far greater security than ply, but costs the same.

We cut steel on site to fit each opening perfectly and secure it in place with anti-tamper fixings – never Philips screws that are easily removed with a common screwdriver!

Our solid steel security doors are fitted with anti-pick deadlocks.

Perforated steel and ‘Listed’ building options also available.

Secure Site UK vacant property inspections software displayed on a tablet

Vacant Property Inspections

Are your insurers requesting regular inspections of your closed pubs or restaurants?

Our closed property inspectors check the building’s security as well as utilities; taking meter readings and photos of any attempted break-ins or risks.

These insurance-standard property inspections are just £25 per visit, with logged and emailed reports sent from site.

We can look after single properties or chains nationwide, and start at short notice.

Our teams of security engineers are also available to quickly rectify issues and mitigate risks.

Concrete barrier block and gate

Concrete Barriers

Need to prevent travellers or fly-tipping in your car park or loading bay?

Our 2.5 tonne, 3 metre wide concrete barriers can be installed at short notice to block all unwanted vehicle access.

With depots nationally and lorries covering the whole of the UK, we can usually deliver and place barriers across vulnerable openings, or full perimeters, within 24 hours to provide almost instant site protection.

We can also bolt barriers together and multiply the mass travellers or fly-tippers would need to move!

Security guard on site car park

Licensed Security Guards

As a non-residential business, the only 100% guaranteed way to ‘squatter-proof’ your closed pub or restaurant is to install a security guard inside, thwarting squatters claiming ‘rights’!

Guards also prevent theft or looting by continually patrolling your premises and watching for suspicious activity outside, contacting the Police immediately.

Our SIA licensed, DBS-checked, fully trained and uniformed security officers and NASDU-certified dog handlers provide a professional guarding service to protect your valuable assets, especially during vulnerable times.

Wall-mounted wireless CCTV camera

Vacant Property Wireless CCTV

Need an immediate, temporary, insurance-approved wireless intruder alarm system?

VideoGuard is a wireless internal or external CCTV and alarm response system available for 4-week minimum rental and remotely-monitored by security professionals 24/7.

VideoGuard is 100% wireless and battery operated (up to 4 years battery life) with colour cameras and reliable infra-red sensors. When triggered by intruders, video is immediately transmitted to our remote monitoring station for escalation to key-holders.

VideoGuard costs from just 48 pence per hour, for 100% peace of mind during these vulnerable times for pubs and restaurants.

Set of keys

Key Holding & 24 Hour Response

Who will be responsible for responding to intruder alarms at your premises?

We can do this for you, with SIA-licensed security officers on-hand to respond to emergencies around-the-clock rather than putting your own staff at risk.

In an emergency, officers are dispatched to investigate the threat, calling emergency services, as necessary.

They keep you abreast of the situation and remain on site or coordinate any remedial action, as instructed by you.

Officers can also provide accompanied visits to site for staff protection, day or night.

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