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Legal Trespasser Removal

Often poorly protected and with many access points, open land, car parks, industrial areas and development sites are frequently targeted by roaming trespassers, often referred to as travellers or gypsies, looking for transient locations to set-up illegal encampments.

However, these camps can quickly grow as news of unchallenged access spreads, and more caravans, vehicles and travellers head for the site. With little regard for surroundings or neighbours (and no amenities to handle rubbish generated by itinerant travellers) the encampment can quickly turn into an area strewn with human and animal waste, as well as discarded litter, meaning it also poses an environmental problem.

Often there is also damage to property, with fences and gates broken, whilst theft from local shops and houses is frequently reported.

Common Law Eviction With 100% Success

A professional and legal approach is always the best option if you want your site restored to you with minimum hassle and cost.

Under Common Law and the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, any landowner has the right to evict trespassers from land within the first 24 hours. With this right assigned to an agent or representative, Secure Site’s experienced Enforcement & Eviction team has acted on hundreds of sites on behalf of landlords and, by strictly following the law and deadlines, has achieved 100% success in evicting trespassers – quickly and cost-effectively.

National Coverage

With Enforcement Teams covering the UK, Secure Site can assist you with a wide range of trespasser eviction and enforcement services.

We’ll start with full site risk assessments and liaison with local Police to inform them of the need to move trespassers off private land. When necessary, our transport team arranges lifting equipment to forcibly remove offending trespasser vehicles. Our experienced teams also know how to most effectively communicate with trespassers, with their paths often having crossed – and having moved them on before!

To discuss your requirements and for further details about our approach to evicting illegal trespassers, simply call us on 08456 12 13 12 for a full cost breakdown.

Clear-Up Operation & Preventing a Recurrence

Unfortunately, it’s usually only when the encampment leaves that the true extent of the damage is revealed as unwanted debris and fly-tipping is exposed.

It goes without saying that the longer trespassers are on site, the worse build-up and damage will be, and the more expensive the cost will be to the landlord for removal and repair – and the greater the headache and inconvenience.

Being a one-stop-shop, Secure Site can look after the clearance of all waste deposited by the travellers and even advise on and install physical or manned security measures to protect your now cleared land from a recurrence

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