HD Commercial CCTV Systems

Pin-sharp high definition images are key to good CCTV surveillance.

Why view grainy, dull or dark images when our crisp, well illuminated, HD images will help you capture events – and aid in the detection and reduction of crime?

Our advanced commercial CCTV systems enable you to better protect your staff, property and equipment. Our networkable CCTV range includes bullet cameras, ANPR number plate recognition cameras and discreet dome cameras – all available with Infra-Red (IR) night vision and IP 66 external use rating.

Video Analytics Surpasses Conventional Detectors

The latest video analytics technology delivers more accurate detection, quicker escalation and fewer false alarms.

For many years, PIRs (Passive Infrared Sensors) and beams have been the default solution for external intruder detection. However, this technology has no intelligence and can easily be triggered by wildlife and trees; and even be affected by adverse weather conditions – all causing unnecessary activations.

In recent years, this technology has been eclipsed by the advent of intelligent video analytics which, through integration of digital video IP cameras and analytical software, detects intruders whilst ignoring animals, livestock or blown debris.

Digital analysis of the movement in the image and intelligent algorithms immediately assess the cause of the activation; and escalate if a real threat or discard if not.

HD Monitored CCTV

Remote monitored CCTV is a powerful deterrent and proven reducer of crime.

Without the benefit of monitoring, criminal activity captured on CCTV systems can go un-noticed – with intrusions often being viewed on hard drives long after the event has taken place (and too late to arrest the perpetrators).

Enhance your CCTV system by adding real-time monitoring. So, any suspicious activity can be acted-upon immediately, and losses through theft or damage minimised, even by catching perpetrators ‘red-handed’.

Once armed, these visually-verified commercial CCTV systems transmit live camera footage to our Remote Video Receiving Centre (RVRC) via broadband. When the system is triggered, operators action the designated response.

This takes the protection of plant, equipment and valuable materials to a new level. Live images remotely alarm via the internet for immediate response by your nominated keyholder and/or Police.

The Adpro Xtralis – More Than an NVR, With Guaranteed Communication

Integrating intelligent video analytics requires an advanced recording and transmission system. This is delivered by the Video Management Software (VMS) integrated within the network systems we install from market-leaders including Adpro’s Xtralis iFT.

This Network Video Recorder sits on your network and, with sufficient hard drive storage to ensure capture of every image, in real time, from all your cameras for up to 30 days.

Its key benefits include:

  • Flexibility: Highest site protection, with intrusion, loitering and smoke verification analytics, plus exclusion zones for pre-risk surveillance and tracking.
  • Reliability: ADPRO’s proprietary transmission protocol is 100% reliable with guaranteed alarm reception by monitoring station.
  • Speed: Rapid assessment of video alarm images allows quick identification of the alarm cause, optimizing real-time intervention while reducing expensive nuisance false-alarm responses.
  • Convenience: Client full remote site-surveillance of all live cameras and stored footage from smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Adpro Xtralis iFT: See everything, everywhere, always!

Upgrade and Benefit

If you have an older system, a Hybrid NVR (fitted with digital and analogue ports) will enable you to connect existing cameras to the new HD platform and benefit from enhanced imagery and connectivity.

You now have the best of best of both worlds: HD connectivity on an existing system, but without the cost of a full, immediate system replacement – and the flexibility to gradually upgrade your system over an extended period.

Swift CCTV System Installations

We pre-build all our systems off-site in dedicated workshops, pre-testing them to ensure the highest quality, efficient installations and in-use for you quicker.

Accredited Installers

For your peace of mind, we are SSAIB and insurance approved CCTV installers, ensuring your systems are installed – and certificated – to the highest specification and in accordance with the British Standard BS:50132 or BS:8418, the code of practice for a Police response.


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