System Integration Improves Reporting

Keep abreast of activities at your site or across multiple sites.

Integrate your CCTV system NVR (Network Video Recorder) or DVR (Digital Video Recorder) with your access control system to unlock the potential of your security systems via visual reports and alerts.

Use the advanced features of access control system software to link controlled access doors with individual CCTV cameras; or install specific cameras to work in tandem with high risk or security sensitive areas.

Integrated security systems mean that when events occur at a specific door, including (but not limited to):

  • Door forced
  • Door left open
  • Persistent denied access attempts

– alerts are escalated to send an image or real time video of the event – enabling you to react to, and resolve, issues as they happen.

Activity Searching with Image Link

Review the activity log by door or user (when linked to a compatible Network or Digital Video Recorder) and individual log events on the access control software link with the integrated video management system to interrogate the hard drive for video of the timed event at the specific door.

This level of detailed searching enables you to ascertain if the proximity card holder is actually the person who entered the protected area.

A lower-risk scenario where Image Link may be useful is if a sub-contractor supplies a skilled operative at a higher rate, yet allows a less qualified and lower paid person to enter.

A higher risk scenario could be someone using someone else’s card to gain access to a restricted area, or a high value storage facility.

Instant Reactive Reporting

Event reporting is at the heart of the commercial access control system and gives you real-time reporting of actions and events at your sites.

Event reports can be personalised and, with a few simple clicks, you can have a host of different reports on your desktop – ‘who, where and when’.

Doors Propped or Forced Open

If you want more control, set the system to email you reports and notifications – complete with real time video or a video snapshot – and monitor when a door is left or propped open, and see who it was.

Find out when a door is forced – enabling you to act quickly and react to a possible theft or burglary.

Entry Alerts

Monitor individuals within your site – when they arrive or leave, or when they enter or go through a specific area.


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