Commercial CCTV Rental

If you’re leasing a commercial building, factory or warehouse, you’ll not want the large capital investment in a permanent CCTV system. But you also can’t afford to ignore insurer’s demands for monitored CCTV or not protect your premises from theft.

What’s the answer? Our comprehensive range of commercial CCTV systems means we can offer CCTV rental with the latest high-definition cameras, intruder detection software and video footage storage, all literally at your fingertips, with live viewing of all your cameras on your smartphone.

What Do You Get?

  • No charge for installation.
  • No tedious lease approval process.
  • No charge for planned maintenance.
  • CCTV to suit your premises.
  • For as long as you need.
  • Live camera footage on your mobile.
  • 30 days’ camera storage for later retrieval.
  • One small monthly invoice.
  • No charge for removal.
  • Free technology upgrade at end of rental period.
  • 100% peace of mind.

Flexible CCTV Systems

Our CCTV engineer will discuss your needs and worries and design a system that exactly matches them, as well as your budget. You also choose the duration of the rental, usually for the remainder of your tenancy.

View Live CCTV On Your Mobile

In addition to using the desktop viewing software, if your premises has broadband, you can easily view live images via laptop, smartphone or tablet. We provide you with all the log-in details and training on the intuitive free app, so you get the most from your monitored CCTV system. You can even give voice warnings to intruders (if the audio-challenge feature is enabled) and call your nominated key-holders to ensure a swift response to unexpected and unwanted visitors.

Professional Security Officer Response

However, if you don’t want to be disturbed out of hours or risk sending a member of staff to investigate (which we’d strongly advise against!), then why not let our professional, licensed and uniformed security officers attend to the activation for you? They will attend, apprehend, if possible, contact police if there’s a crime in progress (which always gets their attention and a priority response) and report back in detail immediately afterwards.


If your enquiry is urgent, please call us on 0800 170 13 12.