Why Have Security Guard Services?

With significant investment being out in the open and often in remote areas, security is an important concern for large-scale solar farms and solar parks.

The theft of plant, panels, cabling and even inverters would be disastrous during installation, but potentially easy to suffer with vehicles entering sites whilst work progresses on other areas.

Many solar sites suffer theft, since panels are easy to re-fit elsewhere and copper cabling remains attractive to thieves, yet security is often considered a ‘luxury’ (or an unnecessary evil!). However, well-managed security guard services are effectively cost-neutral, with solar farm security bringing savings in the prevention of lost plant, materials and frustrating downtime.

Vetted, Licensed & Experienced

With risk mitigation being the objective, we start by vetting our officers to BS 7858 to confirm at least 5 years unblemished history, with each being DBS checked and, of course, SIA licensed and highly experienced. In addition, officers arrive with full PPE.

Being CHAS accredited, Secure Site UK naturally takes site health and safety seriously, in order to protect all parties.

Properly Managed Assignments

Before commencing, detailed assignment instructions and site-specific risk assessments are completed by one of our Guarding Supervisors to ensure the guards’ duties exactly meet site requirements.

This starts with reporting directly to the Site Manager upon arrival to receive a briefing and, where possible, a site tour, with relevant risks noted and responsibility for keys accepted.

With site patrol intervals agreed, officers check perimeter & gate security, plant and materials with any damage; and potential issues or incidents are time-stamped in the site log book.

Properly Supervised Guards

Guard supervision is key to a successfully managed site and that’s what we believe sets our security guard services apart from others.

We conduct regular, unannounced supervisory site visits to check guard performance and welfare.

Our punctual, professional and motivated guards will quickly become an invaluable part of your site security.

NASDU-Certified Dog Handlers

Our security dog handlers provide an unrivalled visual and psychological deterrent, as well as physical obstruction, to those ignoring polite notices or intent on committing criminal activity.

All our security dog handlers are NASDU-certified and re-assessed annually to ensure they remain at the top of their game. Since that’s what we and you are after: a professional solar farm security team you can rely on in all situations.

3 Guards or 1 Dog?

The cost-effectiveness a security dog is often overlooked, since a highly trained and experienced canine unit with heightened senses of smell and hearing can efficiently protect a site otherwise requiring 3 static officers.

UK-Wide Within 3 Hours

To meet emergency requirements, we also have the capability and flexibility to place SIA licensed security officers and NASDU certified security dog handlers anywhere in the UK within 3 hours.


If your enquiry is urgent, please call us on 0800 170 13 12.