“We went with the VideoGuard CCTV and monitoring system because it’s battery-operated, wireless and suits the environment we’re in. A few years ago an attempt was made to break in to the ground – the perpetrators were caught on the system and the police and key-holders were called. I’d highly recommend Secure Site, they would be my first choice every time.”

Simon Arbuckle, Head Coach & Grounds Manager
Southdown Gun Club

What is VideoGuard?

VideoGuard is the most advanced temporary alarm system available if you ever need vacant property security services for vulnerable sites that are notoriously difficult to secure due to a lack of mains power or telephone lines.

It’s portable, durable and can often be installed the same day internally or externally, to provide 24-hour coverage of buildings and installations – giving you 100% peace of mind.

The VideoGuard system uses motion detectors integrated with high-performance cameras and built-in infra-red illumination for clear images at night or low light conditions.

Movement triggers the cameras into immediately capturing the next 10 seconds as a video clip. This is encrypted and sent over the GSM network to our central monitoring station manned by security professionals day and night, 365 days a year – who then despatch a patrol to the site or call the Police.

Like 24 Guards – That Never Sleep on the Job

If round-the-clock manned guarding is not within the budget – why not consider VideoGuard?

With up to 24 cameras on a single commercial CCTV system, it’s like having guards exactly where you want them, continuously monitoring activity in high-risk areas – day or night, rain or hail.

And since VideoGuard operates for up to 4 years on one set of batteries – it doesn’t need holidays, go sick or sleep on the job, making it one of our most cost-effective vacant property services.

VideoGuard: Key Benefits

  • VideoGuard watches unoccupied buildings & vulnerable sites 24/7
  • Rent from 50p per hour
  • No power? No telephone line? No problem!
  • Own battery power and GSM communication with remote monitoring centre
  • Connect up to 24 cameras, door contacts or sirens on one system
  • Videos ‘crime in progress’ for priority response and no false alarms
  • 100% wireless for quick, same-day or next-day installation, UK-wide
  • Up to 4 year battery life (depending on usage)
  • Fully maintained and monitored in weekly rental price
  • Next-day installation, UK-wide

VideoGuard: Protect Anything, Anywhere

With robust components designed to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, VideoGuard’s flexibility and portability means it can protect any building, site or installation – whatever it is and wherever it is, including:

· Vacant Buildings / Disused Warehouses

· Agricultural Buildings / Barns

· Storage & Shipping Containers

· Rooftop Air Con Units / Telecom Installations

· Oil Containers / Sub-Stations / Railways

· Construction Site Offices / Marketing Suites

· Temporary Buildings / Portable Cabins


Intruder cuts copper pipe

Thief attempts container break in

Youths trespass on building site


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