Construction Site CCTV

  • Wireless SD 12 metre intruder detection cameras
  • For small construction sites or developments without mains power
  • Triggers are remotely verified, then escalated to security to investigate
  • Battery powered and own sim for video transfer
  • Short or long-term hire or outright purchase of system

What is VideoGUARD?

It is our entry level monitored CCTV system that provides video-confirmed intruder detection alerts from small to medium demolition, development or construction sites, where power or broadband aren’t practical or available. With its own power and built-in GSM mobile comms unit, it can ‘watch’ sites, compounds, materials and plant or temporary work areas. Plus, as up to 20 cameras can be added to a single control panel it’s like having 20 pairs of eyes watching your site whenever you’re not there.

How does it work?

The camera units incorporate PIR (passive infra-red) detectors with a 12 metre range that sit dormant and ‘wait’ for movement by anything with a heat source, such as humans and wildlife, even at night.

When the PIR is triggered, cameras immediately start recording and capture a 10 second clip of encrypted video footage via the system’s internal sim card to our central monitoring station for visual verification by security professionals 24/7. If confirmed as intruders – not wildlife – the officers escalate the trigger to your nominated key-holders, or dispatch a patrol car to your site or call the Police.

Where can I use it?

Practically anywhere there is mobile network coverage. Being 100% wireless, it can be moved from one construction site to another and is ‘live’ again once cameras are in range of and linked to the central control panel. It’s durable, fully compliant with BS 50132 and can often be installed the same day.

With the installation of power often taking longer than expected on sites or not at all on demolition sites, this self-sufficient and very-cost-effective battery-operated intruder system provides peace of mind your construction site, compound, plant and materials are being watched when you’re not there.

Can I get alerts too?

Yes. Utilising our Alarm Receiving Centre software you can receive alerts via email to your nominated PC, tablet or smart phone, including a 10 sec video of the captured event, so you can keep on top of site activity and monitor events on site.

With the option of siren/strobes, this very versatile alarm system helps provide an immediate alert to trespassers on site and warn them they have been detected, usually meaning the quickly leave and adding to the deterrent effect whilst also providing you with 100% peace of mind.

What else does it do?

If you opt to receive open and close reports, you will be notified when your demolition or construction site is opened or closed, giving you the heads up as to when remote workers are arriving or leaving site, with obvious benefits, or notifying you of unexpected activity at weekends or out of hours. In addition, should someone fail to arm the system outside of your open/close parameters, you’ll also be notified, enabling you to return and arm it, arrange alternative security cover or a check that someone is safe – therefore keeping you in touch with site status and alerting you to security and H&S situations.

Environment External IP65
Operating Temperature -25deg C to +70 deg C
Camera Colour/Mono
Detection 12m PIR C/W 4 lens options
Illumination 4 IR Illuminators
External Inputs 4 for external devices
Power/Life Lithium/48 month*
Tamper Protection With accelerator captor
Communications GSM Sim

*Battery life is dependent on usage

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Fully Accredited & Insured

We are SSAIB and insurance approved CCTV installers, ensuring your systems are installed – and certificated – to the highest specification and in accordance with the British Standard BS 50132 or BS 8418, the code of practice for a Police response.

Our security guards are SIA licensed, DBS checked and industry vetted to BS 7858.

Our operations comply with BS 7499 regarding security guards and mobile patrols and BS 7984 regarding key-holding.

We’re also active members of the BSIA (British Security Industry Association) and NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users).

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