Commercial CCTV System Maintenance

Annual CCTV system maintenance is a requirement of the British Standards Institution, specifically if your CCTV system is installed in accordance with BS: 8418, the standard for detector activated CCTV systems with a Police response, where the frequency is increased to twice yearly.

Often, commercial CCTV systems in the UK have externally installed devices, meaning that as well as normal wear and tear, there are also environmental issues to factor into the preventative maintenance service.

Expert CCTV System Testing

Our CCTV maintenance service includes testing all the main functions of the system including:

  • Image quality, orientation and adjustment
  • Environmental integrity of all external weatherproofed boxes and connections
  • Supplementary lighting, including infra-red
  • Playback of recorded images

Where applicable for monitored systems, as part of our security services we also check the setting and removal procedures, external detector alignment, system activation and alarmed image receipt at the RVRC (Remote Video Receiving Centre); plus the all-important UPS battery backup integrity check – giving you the confidence that your system will be fully functional and protecting your property in the coming months.

All CCTV Formats Maintained

The evolution of CCTV has been continual and, although there are older systems still recording to video tape with multiplexers, more systems are now recording to DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) and NVRs (Network Video Recorders).

Regardless of this, we can maintain any CCTV system, including older systems using co-axial cable; and more up to date systems using structured cabling, CAT5, fibre optic, radio frequency and IP Wi-Fi.

CCTV System Takeover

Our CCTV system maintenance and monitoring service applies to any professionally-installed CCTV system, even those we didn’t fit.

Prior to a system takeover, we carry out a compliance check as part of the initial service – this is for your peace of mind, confirming that your system meets and complies with the latest standards.


We are SSAIB and insurance approved CCTV system maintainers, ensuring that our systems are maintained to the highest specification and in accordance with the British Standards Institution BS: 50132 and BS: 8418.


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