Human and Hazardous Waste Removal and how we can help you deal with it

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November 19, 2013
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Hazardous Waste Removal Services from Secure Site UK

Hazardous waste disposal becomes a matter of urgency as a result of accidental spills of chemicals and toxic substances. For this reason is it better to contract the work to trained professionals who have the experience and expertise to deal with the problem.

Secure Site UK can offer specialist help in this field, and possess the necessary equipment and trained personnel to quickly and efficiently clean up your site for you.

Industries that produce hazardous waste as part of their business practices, such as decommissioning plants and chemical production companies, etc. must have specialists on call 365 days per year to deal with the matter in a responsible and safe manner.

However, when you are taking over a business premises that may have previously handled hazardous waste, you may find that not all of it has been removed. It may be the case you are going to occupy premises that has stood empty for a period of time, suffered from vandalism, or has previously been used as a squat. In this case you may discover a build-up of hazardous waste, including oil spills, human waste, needles and sharps that will need expert removal before the premises are completely safe to use.

Bio hazardous waste is classified as any waste material that contains biological agents and elements that may pose a health risk to anyone occupying the premises. This sort of waste includes human blood and bodily fluids, animal waste, and microbiological wastes, and traces can be left behind on clothing, bedding, needles, blades and sharps left behind by squatters or vandals.

If you are a landlord preparing to let out commercial property, it is your duty to ensure that any hazardous waste is correctly removed and disposed of before your new occupants take over the building.

If you are buying an industrial property that has sat empty for any period of time, it is essential that you make the premises completely safe and free of hazardous waste before allowing your employees to work from it to prevent potential health risks affecting your staff.

Secure Site UK is your first point of call for assistance with the removal of human or hazardous waste, and you can rest assured your clean-up operation is in expert and experienced hands.  For more information call us on 08456 12 13 12 or leave a comment below.

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