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No Budget for a Guard?

Vandalism, arson and squatting are some of the greatest fears for managers of unoccupied property, particularly if manned guarding isn’t in the budget.

No problem! VideoGuard ‘watches’ unoccupied buildings and vulnerable sites around-the-clock for as little as 50p per hour!

No Power or Telephone Line?

With utilities disconnected, vacant buildings won’t have working alarms, telephone lines or power; and construction sites won’t want trailing cables.

No problem! Being 100% wireless, self-powered for up to 1 year and with its own GSM communication, our VideoGuard system can ‘watch’ any unoccupied buildings or vulnerable sites around-the-clock and regardless of how remote they are.

Intruder, Movement & Fire Alarm in One

With the capacity to wirelessly connect with up to 24 detectors, cameras, motion sensors, door contacts or smoke detectors, the system offers flexibility for individual situations.

No More False Alarms with Video Verification

When cameras are triggered, VideoGuard sends video footage to our alarm receiving centre (ARC), manned 24/7 by security professionals who verify whether the captured activity requires an immediate response, dispatching a mobile uniformed officer to the site if confirmed as an illegal trespass.

It therefore provides the opportunity to catch perpetrators red-handed as well as prevent frustrating (and costly) site attendances for false alarms that basic systems without video are prone to.

Next-Day Installation, UK-Wide

Our engineers cover the whole of the UK and as the system is 100% wireless, it can be installed, tested and configured with the alarm receiving centre within a matter of hours.

Rent From 50p per Hour

VideoGuard is available for short or long-term rent and from as little as 50p per hour, which includes 24/7 monitoring of the system by the alarm receiving centre. At that rate, it’s about 4% of the cost of a static security guard who really can only be in one place at once, whilst our VideoGuard system can ‘watch’ multiple areas simultaneously.

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